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Nov 17th 2020

Upgrade Your Long Range Rifle the Easy (and Inexpensive) Way

Shoot On features Timney Triggers. Click here to view the article.Shorten the distance to long-range accuracy and save money in the processby Lou Patrick and Rob ReaserWith more and more shooters and hunters focusing on improving their long-range shooting potential, thoughts naturally turn to expensive modifications. The good news is, a long-range-capable rifle doesn’t have to bust your wallet. Here, we show you how a minor investment in a performance stock and trigger system along with a b …
Oct 19th 2020 | Posted by by MIKE DICKERSON

10 Ways to Accurize Your Rifle

Timney Triggers featured on gunsamerica.comThe author sent this Remington 700 to Hill Country Rifles for a new barrel and an accurizing job. The rifle went in struggling to shoot 1 ½ – 2-inch groups and emerged shooting 1/3 MOA groups.You can do many things, ranging from simple and cheap to costly and complex, to make a rifle more accurate. You may be able to do some jobs yourself with the proper expertise, tools, and machinery, but some are best left to a competent gunsmith. The first step …
How to Take Your Hunting Game to the Next Level
Sep 29th 2020 | Posted by Timney Staff

How to Take Your Hunting Game to the Next Level

Hunting season is just around the corner, are you ready? The last month before hunting season is always filled with excitement and anticipation, as all of the final preparations are made. Scouting out the perfect spot, checking game cameras, going through gear and getting it organized, making sure everything is functioning the way it should, washing your clothes, zeroing your rifle, and buying a few last-minute items are just a few of the tasks hunters must check off their list before each seaso …
Aug 19th 2020

In Terms of Triggers

Understanding How A Trigger Moves and Functions is Key to Improving Your Rifle – and Your ShootingBy Richard MannGame & Fish Magazine features Timney Triggers. To make a rifle fire we must pull a trigger, and pulling a trigger might be the ultimate expression of hand-eye coordination. Triggers move when you pull them, and that movement needs to be understood in order to know a good trigger from a bad one. A careful consideration of each stage and aspect of trigger movement will help …
Jul 21st 2020

Range Testing Ruger Precision and Long Range Target Rifles

Shooter’s Report features Timney Triggers. Click here to view the article.Ruger Long Range Target RifleRuger Precision RifleWhen Ruger released its Precision Rifle several years ago, it was an instant hit. Frankly, this comes as no surprise. It was a one-stop-shopping long range competitor right out of the box. Anyone could walk into a gun shop and walk out with a sub MOA, detachable box magazine rifle that could ring steel at 1000-yards with compatible ammo, quality glass and the help of …