Timney Hall of Fame

Timney Hall of Fame

Timney Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Timney Hall of Fame!

This page is dedicated to the incredible men and women who have made Timney what it is today. With their brilliant dedication and determination, Timney grew from a small company in California, to the industry leader in making the World’s Finest Triggers™. They are such an important piece of our history, and we cannot thank them enough for the tremendous contributions they have made over the years.


Paul & Rosemary Vehr
1981 – 2000

In 1981, Paul and Rosemary became the owners of Timney Triggers. At the time, Timney was a small company barely holding on after a drastic fire destroyed nearly all the inventory the company had. Paul and Rosemary bravely took on the task of rebuilding the company almost entirely from scratch. In the rebuilding, Paul became the face of the company who met with potential business partners and built relationships with members of the outdoor and shooting community to elevate the brand. While Paul built relationships, Rosemary worked behind the scenes to ensure the business was running smoothly and our customers were always happy. Together they were a powerhouse team who built the launch pad that was later used to propel Timney into innovation and success. Though they have been gone for over two decades now, their presence and legacy live on at Timney through the long lasting traditions they created and the foundation they built for Timney to stand on.

John Vehr
1994 – Present

In the beginning, John Vehr worked as the marketing manager for 5 hours a week, the other 35 hours he spent assembling and testing triggers, shipping out product, and working with the machines on the shop floor. Through his many positions at Timney, John was able to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the company, which allowed him to create a vision of what he knew the company could and would be. With his ambition and resolve, John was able to make his vision a reality. He bought cutting-edge machinery and technology, hired bright minds to further the Timney brand, and he created a mindset of collaboration and quality that became the backbone of the company. Due to John’s ability to recognize potential and create brilliance, he was able to grow Timney into a brand that is known around the world for excellent customer service, exception quality, and, of course, the World’s Finest Triggers™.

Chris Ellis
2004 – Present

Chris Ellis first met John Vehr in 2004 on a hunt in Texas. At the time, Chris owned his own communications company called Ellis Communications. After meeting John, Chris decided to help Timney Triggers with their communications needs as a contracted marketer. He wrote press releases about new products, worked with writers who could get the word out about Timney, and spoke directly to customers about all their trigger needs. After years of working closely with Timney, Chris finally became a full-fledged Timney employee when he said yes to being the VP of Marketing and Communications. Chris’ lasting legacy on Timney is his ability to bring the oldest and largest trigger manufacturer into the digital age. He has been instrumental in elevating the Timney brand, creating something John had only been able to see in his mind until he met Chris Ellis.  

Calvin Motley
2003 – Present

In 2003, John Vehr needed someone who could take his trigger ideas and make them a reality, and thankfully, Calvin Motley came into his orbit. Calvin was exactly what Timney needed in order to grow from being a household name into a company people around the world could trust. He modernized and automated Timney’s old processes, which allowed the machines to run smoothly and efficiently so he could spend time engineering new products. Calvin and John worked side-by-side to create innovative triggers; John told Calvin his wildest, whackiest ideas, and Calvin magically took those ideas and created amazing products that wowed even the most discerning shooter. Calvin’s incredible ability to create groundbreaking products is something that Timney will forever be grateful for. With his help, Timney became a brand that shooters around the world could trust to deliver reliable triggers.  

Larry Kaiser
2003 – Present

In 2003, John Vehr realized Timney needed a smart and driven machinist who could keep the company moving full speed towards success. When asked who he recommended, Calvin Motley named a man who he had previously worked with: Larry Kaiser. When Larry started at Timney, the company had just purchased its first wire EDM and was undergoing the switch from hand operated machines to completely automated ones. Larry’s knowledge of those machines and quick adaptation to new processes aided in the automation of the company in a crucial time during Timney’s growth. His continuous commitment to Timney and the culture that has been created has made him an invaluable member of the Timney team, and has given him the much deserved nickname of ‘The Legend’.

Cecilia Soto-Rodriquez
2002 – Present

Cecilia Soto-Rodriquez made her start at Timney in 2002, a crucial time in the company’s history due to the fact that Paul and Rosemary had passed just two years earlier and John Vehr had recently purchased the company. She started in the assembly room, learning the ins and outs of putting together complicated trigger parts, and soon became one of the most important members of the Timney team. During her start at Timney, Cecilia quickly became a grounding rod who ensured things were running smoothly, whether that be in assembly, test, or shipping. Today she is known as the Queen of Assembly – for good reason – but her lasting impact goes beyond just that. During both thick and thin, Cecilia remained dedicated and determined to continue her hard work and drive the company forward towards the goals and vision John set forth.  

Tom Stevenson
2009 - Present

Before coming to Timney, Tom Stevenson worked with John’s brother at a different manufacturing facility until they unfortunately had to close their doors. But instead of letting a great man go, John’s brother talked to John and asked him to bring Tom into the Timney family. Tom came to Timney for an interview and after just a few minutes of talking with him, John knew he was meant to be at Timney. Tom officially joined the Timney team in 2009 and has been an invaluable team member since then. He is extremely hardworking and dedicated to Timney; he intrinsically understands the machines, the shop, and the processes at Timney, and he's just an all-around great person. Tom is a Timney man through and through, and Timney is honored to have grown alongside him all these years.  

Mark Konecki
2002 – Present

In 2002, Mark Konecki was brought onto the Timney team as an IT Consultant to help manage some computer issues and assist Timney in joining the modern age. During his first conversation with Mark, John found Mark to be compassionate, intelligent, caring, and a man of incredible integrity; after that initial conversation, John knew Mark would be a great fit because he so naturally embodies the core values Timney holds dear. Mark has been a valued partner for years and was a part of the Timney family from the moment he stepped foot in the door on his first day. He is an incredible member of the Tribe not only because he’s amazing at what he does, but also because he brings joyful energy to the shop and brightens the days of everyone he encounters.