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May 17th 2021

Timney DH3 Ultimate 2 Stage Competition Trigger No Milspec Here

Tactical Considerations features Timney Triggers. Tactical Considerations conducts gear and gun reviews along with some outdoor testing of various items. Michael Mills served in the Army Special Operations, has a Law Enforcement background and has been an instructor in various subjects relating to constitutional issues and self-defense. Check out his review of our DH3 Daniel Horner Signature 2 Stage Trigger . Learn more about  Mike. …
Mar 16th 2021

Upgrading the Remington 870

Shoot On features Timney Triggers. Click here to view the full article.Precision rifles and high-speed pistols aren’t the only firearms that can benefit from improved trigger performanceby Lou PatrickWhen it comes to trigger upgrades, our shotgun needs seem to get lost in the endless sea of aftermarket rifle and pistol triggers. No doubt this is due to the higher expectation of accuracy we generally have for our rifles. After all, shotguns are not aimed like rifles. We “point” our shotguns …
Feb 26th 2021

Timney Does GLOCK!

Shoot On features Timney Triggers. Click here to view the full article.Famed precision trigger manufacturer puts a true competition spin on this peak performer…GLOCK owners smileby Rob ReaserIf you’ve been in the firearms world for any length of time, Timney should be a familiar name. Since 1946, Timney has been an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of precision trigger systems, beginning with “sporterized” military rifles and now encompassing all the leading bolt-action rifl …
Dec 9th 2020

HuntStand Holiday Hunting Gift Guide 2020

HuntStand Media features Timney Triggers. Click here to view the article.These cool cutting-edge gifts make giving or getting equally memorable.Tactacam Reveal Cellular Camera. Most know Tactacam from its premium POV action cameras—but it’s used that technology to build one of the most-exciting new cellular trail cameras we’ve seen, complete with supporting app. The new Reveal by Tactacam ($119.99) is not only nicely affordable, but is also unusually user-friendly. The unit is up and ready …
Dec 7th 2020

Build a 10/22-Style Rifle YOUR Way

Shoot On features Timney Triggers. Click here to view the full article.With a roundup of carefully selected precision aftermarket parts, you can build a custom .22LR in no time flatby Rob ReaserOne of the great aspects of the modern AR-15 is that firearms enthusiasts and do-it-yourself fans can build these rifles in almost any flavor imaginable. This is possible thanks to a large and extremely vibrant aftermarket industry that supports the AR platform with variations on practically ever co …