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Sep 20th 2022

What I Learned from a Suppressed Carbine Course

We recently sponsored a Carbine Course in Gunsite, Arizona with the help of some other great companies in the industry. Our friend Chris Eger from was there and had a blast! Read about his experience below...___________________________________________________________________________________________Coming across a chance to attend a suppressed carbine event at Gunsite last month, I jumped at the opportunity for some quiet time, despite the fact it was in Arizona in August. Here's what I …
Sep 20th 2022

My Homebuilt Custom Waypoint

Our friend, Jeremy Tremp, over at Armory Life recently created a custom Waypoint build with our Remington 700 Two-Stage Trigger that may just give you the inspiration you need to get going on creating your perfect rifle this season...The Springfield Waypoint 2020 is one of my all-time favorite bolt-action rifles. I tell all my buddies if they want an out of the box option that will be a ragged hole puncher, they need to check out the Model 2020 Waypoint. Especially for hunters who are looking fo …
Sep 14th 2022

Hunting is Sustainable and Important

Did you know that legal hunting is widely considered to be an important sustainability practice? It’s true! Hunting has a multitude of positive and important impacts on ecosystems, and people, across the world. In the United States alone, hunting has been an important part of funding nonprofit organizations that implement environmental preservation and conservation efforts. As well as ecological benefits, hunting also has great perks for those who consume game meat. The list of environmental and …
Aug 19th 2022

Say Hello to the NEW Timney Large Frame Triggers for Glock!

Last year we took a bold step by entering into the handgun market for the first time, and, thankfully, we have the best and most loyal customers on the planet who embraced this change with open arms. The initial launch of our Glock Gen. 3-4 triggers went so great that a few months later we released the Gen. 5 version, which also went off without a hitch. After the release of both Alpha Glock triggers our customers began sending in requests for the next handgun trigger to make, so of course we di …
Aug 9th 2022

SIG SAUER Introduces the M400-DH3 from Team SIG's Daniel Horner

The Outdoor Wire recently had the opportunity to test out the new SIG SAUER M400-DH3. Read below to find out what they thought of the new rifle as well as the Timney Trigger that comes preinstalled in the firearms:NEWINGTON, N.H. – SIG SAUER, in partnership with world champion 3-Gun competitor and Team SIG Shooter Daniel Horner, is pleased to introduce the M400-DH3 SDI rifle. This is the inaugural release under Daniel Horner’s DH3 brand in conjunction with SIG SAUER; the M400-DH3 has been design …