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Jan 5th 2022

AR Triggers: Good, Better, Best

Whether you shoot for fun on the weekends or compete competitively, having a predictable trigger that provides a crisp, clean break every time is non-negotiable. That’s why so many AR owners trust Timney Triggers. We make amazing AR replacement triggers that improve the accuracy and reliability of your rifle. From single-stage to two-stage, light pull to heavy pull, premium to cost-effective – we have plenty of options that will satisfy any AR owner. Because of our wide range of trigger of …
Dec 28th 2021

The Timney Enhanced Feel Trigger Shoe for all Glock Pistols

Timney Triggers is the oldest and largest trigger manufacturing company in the world, and we pride ourselves in always reinventing what “amazing” looks like. Right now, amazing looks like the new Timney Enhanced Feel Trigger Shoe for all Glock pistols.The Newest Addition to our Glock Gang Earlier this year, we released our Alpha Competition Series Glock Gen 3-4, and you all loved it so much that we decided to make the Gen 5, that way even more Glock owners could enjoy the enhanced feel of …
Dec 13th 2021

Remington 700 Elite Hunter

At Timney, our aim is to make you the best shooter you can be by creating triggers that improve accuracy and reliability. We have been doing this since 1946, so we’re pretty much experts on the topic at this point. That is why we can say, with confidence, that our Remington 700 Elite Hunter trigger is the best aftermarket trigger for someone who is looking to elevate their accuracy while hunting.Timney started out by making replacement triggers for hunting rifles after the end of World War …
Dec 2nd 2021

Alpha Competition Series for Glock Gen 3-4 and 5

Humble BeginningsSince 1946, Timney has been the leader in aftermarket replacement triggers for long guns. We started out making replacement triggers for hunting rifles such as Mauser, Springfield, and Enfield, and as the years progressed, we ventured into new markets such as target shooting and competition shooting. As we conquered new markets, our loyal customers began suggesting where we should go next. Recently, there has been a lot of demand for us to enter into the handgun market, an …
Nov 15th 2021

Long Range Shooting at Its Finest

Timney customers have been asking for a dedicated long range trigger for hunting and competition shooting. You asked, we delivered. Though our Remington 700 HIT Trigger was release back in 2019, it still remains one of our top selling triggers, and with good reason.Years in the Making Timney has been making Remington replacement triggers since the 1960s, meaning we’ve been doing it long enough to be experts at it. When Remington released their renowned Model 700 in 1962, Allen Timney soug …