May 18th 2022 | Posted by John B. Snow

Timney Glock Trigger Upgrade: The Alpha Competition Series Will Improve Your Pistol’s Performance

The Alpha Competition triggers from Timney are a quick way to turbocharge your Gen3, Gen4, or Gen5 GlockAmong the best, and simplest, upgrades for the world’s most popular pistol is to replace the stock G19/17 trigger with a Timney Glock trigger. Timney came out with their after-market Glock triggers in early 2021, but I hadn’t had reason to try one out until recently when I purchased a new G19 Gen5 MOS.The factory trigger on my G19 was as ordinary as they come. A bit heavy, a bit inconsistent, …
Apr 27th 2022

Meet Our Customer Service Experts!

Here at Timney, we only hire the best people because we know that our customers deserve the best treatment, and our customer service experts are no exception to this. If you have ever had the pleasure of talking to Ben and Megan, our customer service reps, then you have first-hand experience of how great they are. Both Ben and Megan are dedicated to their jobs and take servicing our customers very seriously. Ben and Megan are valuable members of our team who we love very dearly – every day one o …
Apr 20th 2022

Pistol-Caliber Carbine Triggers

In recent years, Pistol-Caliber Carbines (PCC) have become increasingly popular because they are a versatile firearm that can pack a punch. PCCs are essentially a happy medium between a rifle and a pistol. They have the same look and feel of a rifle, with the caliber and short barrel of a pistol. Due to their hybrid nature, many gun enthusiasts have differing opinions on the firearm. Some users prefer a rifle or pistol over a PCC because they enjoy that classic feel, while others favor PCCs beca …
Apr 13th 2022

Pigs Fly and Timney has Two-Stage Triggers!

The AR Targa Two-Stage Trigger was created in 2016 after the demand for Timney to make a two-stage trigger became so great that we could no longer deny the people what they wanted. Timney engineers went to work upgrading our gold standard AR-15 Competition Trigger into a two-Stage trigger that our customers would love. Since this was our first ever two-stage trigger, we knew it had to have a great name, and who better to come up with the name for our newest trigger than the president and owner, …
Mar 23rd 2022

The Timney Standard

At Timney Triggers, we strive for excellence. Whether we are talking with our loyal customers, hammering in a roll pin, or simply creating a blog post, quality is of the utmost importance. That is why we hand-assemble, test, and calibrate every Timney Trigger for its specific platform before shipping it out to our customers. It’s all a part of the rigorous Timney Standard that ensures the reliability and longevity of our products. The process is quite thorough and can take hours to complete even …