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Jul 21st 2020

Range Testing Ruger Precision and Long Range Target Rifles

Shooter’s Report features Timney Triggers. Click here to view the article.Ruger Long Range Target RifleRuger Precision RifleWhen Ruger released its Precision Rifle several years ago, it was an instant hit. Frankly, this comes as no surprise. It was a one-stop-shopping long range competitor right out of the box. Anyone could walk into a gun shop and walk out with a sub MOA, detachable box magazine rifle that could ring steel at 1000-yards with compatible ammo, quality glass and the help of …
Jun 29th 2020

The Remington Model 7 Calvin Elite Right Hand, Adjustable Shoe, Red

Over the years, our Model 7 triggers have been a rewarding addition to Remington’s lightweight and extremely versatile Model Seven rifle. But we couldn't stop there - we decided to push the versatility even further!Introducing our new and improved Model 7 Calvin Elite Adjustable. The same reliability that you know and love but with more advantages and proudly made in the USA. Having the ability to adjust for length of pull, cast and height will help ensure that each shot is consis …
May 28th 2020

Why You Should Add a Custom Trigger to Your Gun

The WON features Timney Triggers. Click here to view the article.Let’s face it, rifle shooting sports hobbies cost money. No question about it. Any enthusiast pursuing any kind of rifle subdiscipline is aware of this fact. From curious beginners to serious long-range steel ringers, hunters and top competitors, we all are constantly striving to improve upon the skills set appropriate to our styles of shooting. One of the most inexpensive ways to elevate training, success and improve repea …
May 20th 2020

Timney Ruger 10/22 Calvin Elite Replacement Trigger

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News features Timney Triggers. Click here to view the article.U.S.A. –-( I’ve tricked out a few Ruger 10/22’s. If you’re wanting to see how accurate you can get your Ruger 10/22 or for that matter any .22, there are two big items that stand way out in front. Shoot quality ammo (all .22 ammo is not created equal) and replace your factory trigger.Timney Ruger 10/22 Calvin Elite TriggerIf you have never shot a good trigger then you’re just going to have …
Apr 16th 2020

Meet Jill Lockwood from Timney Triggers

Wouldn’t it be awesome to work in an industry you love at a company that has the same values as you? Jill Lockwood has just that at Timney Triggers. Find out more about her in this interview at The WON.The WON: Tell us a little about yourself. Jill Lockwood: My daughter I moved to Arizona about 6 years ago from Northern California after being introduced to my now husband, at SHOT Show. We have a wonderful little home in New River, Arizona, with lots and lots of critters – from liv …