About Women in the Shooting Sports
Apr 23rd 2018 | Posted by Timney Tribe

About Women in the Shooting Sports

Full credit for this infographic goes to the NRA. More information and the original post can be found here: the upcoming Mother's Day, in honor of mothers everywhere, we thought we'd share some facts about women in shooting sports that were compiled by the NRA. Happy Mother's Day! …
Apr 19th 2018 | Posted by Timney Tribe

A Guide to Buying a Weatherby Mark V Trigger Replacement

Finding the right trigger replacement for your Weatherby Mark V can take some time. It’s imperative that you know what to look for when trying to find that ideal trigger replacement for the weapon. Our team at Timney Triggers delves into the process of a buying a Weatherby Mark V trigger replacement.Consider the Target AcquisitionThe Weatherby Mark V has been designed for faster target acquisition and so it’s important that the trigger you utilize within the weapon is designed to align with this …
Apr 5th 2018 | Posted by gailk

The Safety Steps to Consider When Using the Ruger® M77 MKII

The Ruger® M77 MKII has quickly become one of the most popular rifle options in the marketplace. And so now is the ideal time to take into consideration the safety steps to utilize when firing this high-powered weapon. Our team at Timney Triggers has significant experience in gun safety, and within this latest post, we’re highlighting the safety steps to use when working with the Ruger® M77 MKII.Follow the Instructions for Installing the Locking DeviceMany make the mistake of taking on …
Apr 1st 2018 | Posted by Timney Tribe

Timney Triggers Announces the SS4118 Trigger for Water Guns

PHOENIX, AZ April 1, 2018 – Timmey Triggers, the Phoenix based trigger manufacturing giant, announced today the newest addition to their precision trigger line - the SS4118 Universal Trigger, with 5 stage action and easy, 17-step drop-in, installation.This trigger changes the game in aqueous warfare. The pinpoint hydro-spray accuracy conquers the challenges of running and giggling at the same time, which often compromises aiming ability and H2O velocity.“This opens a whole new world for Timney. …
Mar 27th 2018 | Posted by gailk

5 Tips for Finding the Right Trigger for the Ruger® MK77 MKII

When choosing a new trigger for your Ruger® MK77 MKII it’s important to work with qualified trigger experts to help ensure the right choice is made. Our experts at Timney Triggers have decades of experience producing quality triggers for the Ruger guns, and our team provides five tips for finding the right trigger for the Ruger® MK77 MKIIChoose Products Built by HandOne of the most common mistakes trigger buyers make when reviewing options for their Ruger MK77 MKII is that they choose …