Timney Story

Amanda D.

Joined Team Timney in February 2009

Inventory and Production Manager

Amanda is a 3 Gun shooter, Avid snowboarder, and the biggest fan of her two sons football teams. Amanda has held several positions at Timney including customer service, Quality Control, Test & Assembly Supervisor and now Inventory Manager. Amanda works with the Timney Factory shooting team sponsors and participates in local matches. When Amanda is not counting trigger parts or snowboarding she enjoys Body Building Competitions, mud wrestling and crotch popcorn.

Drew “Gender Fluid” Moreland.

Joined Team Timney when they laid the cornerstone of the new Timney building.

Shop Samurai

Drew believes in two things: Protein Shakes and getting swole. When drew isn’t lifting heavy things he likes to gently thread wire edm’s and work on the “Screw Machine”. Drew is a kept man who’s wife is a part time hairdresser and part time MMA fighter. Drew’s formal education is in Motorcycle Maintenance and he can often be found riding his Harley sportster with his fringe jacket blowing in the breeze.

Jeff D.

Joined Team Timney in June 2009

General Manager. Coach. Throat puncher.

Freight Train is an avid football aficionado and karate black belt. He has watched karate kid more than 100 times and insists that his wife and children refer to him as Daniel-San during family dinners. Train has been Timney’s General Manager and Collaborative Way coach and prides himself on his ability to get shit done. Train managers the day to day operations and juggles way too many balls. Jeff really likes balls.


Joined Team Timney in June 2004

Queen of Assembly

The Patrona is part machine, part human and all terminator. She is the most senior assembler at Timney and has built more triggers than Geissele (And they’re better too.) Cecila enjoys cooking breakfast for all of Timney, salsa dancing and hitting things with her hammer.

Sven B.

Joined Team Timney in June 2015

Tester and Assembler .

Sven is an adrenaline junkie with a soft side. When he’s not jumping his truck or riding motorcycles too fast he enjoys long walks on the beach, Staring at his truck, and astronomy. Sven Assembles and tests triggers while delving deeply into the star wars galaxy. Sven is a deep feeling libra with a love of classical music, his favorite band is Authority Zero. He loves tickles and beard fondles and refers to his children as big and little one.

Brent “Black Sheep” Barker

Joined Team Timney in June 2010

Shop and Assembly .

Brent plays bass guitar in a punk rock band, and does not believe in contraception, when he’s not making triggers or knocking up his old lady, he moonlights as an urban proctologist. Because he doesn't own a television and he can’t keep his hands off his wife they now have 9 kids. Brent is a Navy Veteran and hacksaw enthusiast. Brent will never be an empty nester and plans to be buried in the Timney smoking section.

Wesley Kralovetz

Joined Team Timney in June 2018

Test and Assembly.

Wes is a new face to Timney’s test and assembly team. He’s a fast learner and Professional competitive speed walker. Wes enjoys skipping rope double dutch style. On weekends Wes can be found off roading in his 4x4, trying on new clothes and returning them after wearing them for a long weekend tags intact. Wes also likes to wear crochet undergarments made by his wife.

Nate "orade" Moser

Joined Team Timney in February 2015

Special Events Coordinator

Nate started in assembly and moved to customer service and technical support and is now the sexy secretary to Timney owners John and Jody Vehr. He’s a founding member of the Timney factory shooting team and frequently employs his philosophy of accuracy comes after dumping the entire mag. For reasons unknown to everyone at Timney Nate has a smoking hot fiancee and we suspect she is either blind in one eye or huffs paint.

Calvin Meat & Potatoes Motley

Joined Team Timney in June 2004

Director of Product Development.

Calvin joined team Timney to design and manufacture triggers and still does exactly that today. Calvin enjoys watching baseball, building RC Boats, and programming machines for Cyberdyne Systems to forward the interests of Skynet and his robot overlords . In his spare time Calvin likes to drive his jet ski at break neck speed and is designing wings so that he can soar across the lake, like a glorious and free wild pelican.

Larry “The Legend” Kaiser

Joined Team Timney in August 20, 1906

Fixer Guy.

Legend began his career in firearms by helping John Colt design the peacemaker. He was present for the gunfight at the OK corral but went into hiding after the Earps gunned down his friends. Larry is the most romantic cat at Timney and continues to date his wife to this day. Larry is a machinist by trade and is the resident Mr. Fixit at Timney and looks absolutely smashing in his Timney apron. When he’s not doing shop stuff he can be found in the fully body massage chair usually for hours at a time and especially during company meetings. After hours Larry is addicted to golf and is the Tiger Woods of Timney.

John “Coke Can” Vehr

Joined Team Timney in March 1994

El Presidente.

John Vehr purchased Timney from his parents in 2000. Prior to the purchase he was General Manager of Timney. When John is not strategically leading Timney towards global domination of the trigger market he enjoys Coed Naked Rock Climbing and the finer points of sock puppet design. John has many interests including Barbara Fausti, Whole life insurance, and fine cigars and collecting cars.

Jody “Love and Light to that” Vehr

Joined Team Timney on December 12, 2012

Dream Manager.

Jody is Timney staff's life coach. She works directly with the Timney staff to help keep us aligned with our corporate strategies. It took Jody approximately 3 months to determine that most of the people that work at Timney are beyond help and should most likely be incarcerated. Attempts to fix the major issues of Timney would require electric shock therapy. Jody is a published author and has dedicated her life to helping others. When Jody is not helping others she enjoys travel, especially to Hawaii, unicorns and the aesthetics of yoga pants.

Chris “Hilljack” Ellis

Joined Team Timney in 2005

Media Relations. Turkey Whisperer. Fishing Addict. 

Chris began working with John Vehr and Timney in 2005 to tell the world about the importance of a great trigger in making you more accurate with your firearm. He continues to tell one person each and every day and in doing so, he has watched Timney emerge as the industry leader in replacement triggers. Chris is a former white water river guide with a flair for west virginia’isms and a strong love of all things camo. Ellis is a lifelong hunter who has pursued his passion all over the world. However, he prefers to hunt his hillside farm in West Virginia, with his son Jack and squirrel dog Boogie. He is afflicted by the lure of the wild turkey and has found no cure for it as of yet.  

Megan “Dream Crusher” Downey

Joined Team Timney in 2017

Customer Service

Megan is a light in an otherwise dark and dreary world. She has an infectious smile that will captivate you even as she crushes your soul and steals your lunch money. Megan is a die hard crossfitter and a huge advocate of lifting heavy things and then putting them back down, only to pick them up again. Megan enjoys the outdoors and has made obstacle course racing and fitness competitions a family event. She is also known as the “Timney hug ninja” and will stalk victims that she determines need a hug that day.

Jeff H.

Joined team Timney in may 2012

Test and Technical Support

Jeff or "Heart Attack" as he is more commonly known at Timney is a lifelong biker and Dremel tool enthusiast. Heart Attack enjoys tinkering in his garage, rebuilding Harley Davidsons, and drinking all the beer. Jeff works in test and technical support and is a Jedi Master at installing triggers and talking to customers about the finer points of triggers and hair design. In his free time Heart Attack prefers to be on his Harley in the mountains feeling the wind in his hair singing Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart.

Christine A.

Joined Team Timney in 2017

Customer Service and Sales support

Christine flourishes in chaotic environments and enjoys the rapid pace of customer service. Christine came from the medical field and is an expert hernia checker and phlebotomist. She has an uncanny ability for prioritization and speaking straight, and credits her Puerto Rican ancestry for giving her an abundance of patience. Christine enjoys root canals from incompetent dentists and is learning the sport of 3 gun. She lives on a ranch with three horses, two dogs, a mess of chickens, 1 husband and no roosters.

John “The British are coming” D.

Joined Team Timney in 2013


John comes to Timney via Great Britain, India, Sweden and Africa. He’s truly an international man of mystery. He even has a shirt that says he pigeons New York. John has worked in assembly as well as shipping and prior to Timney worked in supply chain management. John is working on his lean Six Sigma Certifications and spends a great deal of time stressing about his beautiful daughters, collecting non driving mid 90’s Asian sub compacts and looking for things to bury Tim in.

Tom S.  

Joined Team Timney in July 2009

Shop guy

Tom lives his life by the motto “Soccer is the only real sport” and when he’s not making the world’s finest triggers he can be found running back and forth on elementary school playgrounds in the blazing hot Arizona sun. Tom has worked in manufacturing for more than 20 years and will most likely retire when he joins the PGA. Tom is a lover of Dr. Pepper, Werthers butterscotch candy and yappy dogs. Tom is of Italian descent and once made a guy join witness protection just by yelling at him.

Gerhard “Von Trapp” K.  

Joined Team Timney in 2016

Chief Financial Officer

Gerhard came to Timney via Austria where he was part of a travelling Sound of Music circus that was disbanded after local farmers began complaining about the recruitment of all the shepherds. Gerhard or Big G as he is frequently referred to by his fans, works wonders with the Timney numbers and is secretly the president of the wonder woman fan club of Austria. His hobbies include counting, yelling “Wie-geitze” at people in the hallway and sequential particle physics.

Kathy Wu.  

Joined Team Timney in 2018


Kathy comes to Timney by way of China where she was the chief investigator of graffiti using calligraphy. Kathy is cross trained in accounting and trigger assembly and frequently performs both roles simultaneously. Kathy plans to try her hand at trigger design and acupuncture. After she finishes teaching Amanda to write kanji and stop drawing penis pictures. She can be found telling anyone who will listen about the powers of an all soup and old bread diet.

Tari H.  

Joined Team Timney in 2016


Tari is quite literally a fisher of men, having recently landed a husband. Don’t let her mild mannered accounting side fool you, Tari likes to get dirty on the weekends. She is an outdoor connoisseur with a deep seated love of guns, beer, and overlanding. She doesn’t own or drive vehicles that aren’t four wheel drive. She’s sassy and sweet and hands out paychecks, so everyone loves seeing her every Thursday.  

Mark “The Rebooter” Konecki.  

Joined Team Timney in 2003

The I.T. Guy

Marks been a Timney guy since Y2K. Mark handles the technology side of things and links all the amazing machinery of Timney together. Mark's a former rock and roll guitarist and keyboard player with the bands “Fox” and “The Phoenician Blinds”. Mark is endowed with a deep seeded love of live music and romantic roller skating tours along Venice beach California. Mark also owns the largest collection of one-off Hawaiian shirts hand made by authentic pacific islanders.

New Guy (Trace Morgan).  

Joined Team Timney Yesterday

Engineering Grunt

New guy looks at pictures. He may not still be here tomorrow, Magic 8 ball says “outlook is not good”. Trace is a former semi amateur badminton player who had a powerful serve, an odd fascination with the word shuttlecock and a way with the ladies. Trace is at ASU completing his degree in Poultry Science. If he doesn’t break anything by the end of the month we may consider letting him actually do some engineering type stuff. Again, “outlook is not good”.

Billy “Coach” Woodmansee.  

Joined Team Timney in 2016

Timney Personal Trainer

Billy came to Timney as part of the Timney movement and mindset program implemented by Timney owner John Vehr. Billy is certified through the national academy of sports medicine and exos. Fitness is a passion of Billy’s, when he’s not dabbling in fitness you can find him at the phoenix zoo fighting peacocks or Legoland learning how to be more enlightened by his three year old son Jackson. Billy is determined to get people to understand that fitness is a lifestyle not a fad.