Target Shooting Triggers

Shooting Accurately is Fun!

But in many production rifles, the heavy trigger pull weight and amount of trigger travel can vary with each shot. This can be frustrating for the shooter trying to shoot tight, consistent groups. When a trigger is hard to pull, the shooter tends to “lead the trigger” which compromises accuracy by moving the barrel off the target and can greatly affect grouping and your accuracy with the rifle.

Why settle for a sloppy trigger which can cause a good rifle and you to shoot badly and make you less accurate with your rifle? A Timney will bring a whole new realm of accuracy for you and your rifle and make a day on the range shooting targets much more enjoyable. So whether you’re a benchrest shooter, a plinker of cans or a serious long-range shooter, Timney will make you and your rifle more accurate.

Trust Timney, Trust Excellence and Succeed with The World’s Finest Trigger.

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