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We love helping our customers! Below are answers to the most frequently answered questions on our support lines. Take a look, and if the answer is not below, hop on over to our contact page to submit your question there!  

Can you install my Timney Trigger?

a.      Absolutely! Scroll down to the footer of the website and under “Helpful Links” there will be a link that says “Gunsmithing”. Click on that link and follow all the prompts on the form before submitting. Once the form has been submitted and reviewed by a member of our customer service team we will contact you with next steps.

I have a Colt AR-15 with a sear block; Can I install a Timney Trigger in it?

a.      Yes, a Timney Trigger will work, but the sear block will need to be removed. You can have your local gunsmith do it, or we can do it for a small fee! Please contact our customer service team to learn more about this process: (623) 223-1111 //

Should I use lube or oil on my Timney Trigger?

a.      No need! Our triggers are Teflon nickel plated, which gives them added lubricity and negates the need for lube or oil. Your trigger should be kept clean and free of debris but doesn’t need oil.

What if I have a polymer AR lower?

a.      We’ve got you covered! We make a special plate that will go between your lower and your AR trigger to help with this. Give us a call at (623) 223-1111 or send us an email at and we would be happy to send one out to you.

The Pins on my AR keep falling out?

a.      The set screws in your AR housing may be loose. Before you install the set screws that come with your trigger, double check to ensure the internal locking screws (located under each hammer spring leg) are tightened all the way down. Then tighten the set screws all the way down.

b.      These screws mechanically bind the trigger to the receiver, so once they are tightened down completely, your pins should stay put.

When I hold my rifle vertical, (pointing up), it won’t re-cock.

a.      This is because of a lack of spring pressure in your trigger due to a pull weight that is too low. You ‘ll need to increase the pull weight of your trigger to fix this.

b.      To increase spring pressure, turn the pull weight screw clockwise until you can feel the spring on the actual trigger lever. Then use a pull weight gauge to set the screw at the desired weight – it’s important you do NOT take the pull weight too low. Visit your trigger’s product page to find the correct pull weight range.

I have an AR 7.62, what trigger do I use?

a.      For 7.62 ARs, we recommended our AR-10 Competition trigger, AR Targa Two-Stage, or AR Calvin Elite triggers. The triggers are linked below for your convenience:

                                                              i.      AR-10 Competition Trigger:

                                                            ii.      AR Targa Two-Stage:

                                                          iii.      AR Calvin Elite:

How do I know if I have small pins or large pins?

a.      Typically, all ARs will have small pins. The only ARs we have noticed that have large pins are the mid 80’s Colt ARs. If you are unsure, we recommend measure the diameter of the pins. Small pins are .1540 and large pins are .1690

My AR won’t reset. What do I do?

a.      The first we recommend is double checking to ensure the internal locking screws are tightened all the way down. If you have checked and everything is nice and tight, then the next thing we recommend is to check the spacing between the disconnect and hammer. When lowered, the hammer should pass the disconnect closely without touching it. If the spacing isn’t as described, please contact our customer service team and they will help troubleshoot with you. Call: (623) 223-1111 // Email:

I installed the trigger and it worked great until I put the stock on. What do I do?

a.      This means that there is contact being made in the stock or on the trigger guard area and inletting is required. We recommend marking the inside of the stock with something transferable such as crayon, then reinstall the stock and remove the stock to find the point where contact is being made. Use a Dremel to carefully remove material from area – make sure to go slow and check fitment often. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns – call: (623) 223-1111 // email:

What’s the difference between the factory Winchester 70 and 70MOA?

a.      The factory Winchester 70 trigger will be in three pieces, while the 70 MOA trigger will be a cassette unit similar to how we make our triggers.

The safety doesn’t work on my Winchester 70?

Please follow the steps linked below to troubleshoot the issue.

Tech Tip

After installing my Mauser trigger and pull the trigger it is not firing or releasing the firing pin.

a.      This trigger is unique and has a floating sear. You will need to check the sear slot to ensure there is enough room. Using a rod or dowel, push the sear all the way forward to see if there is enough clearance in the sear slot for it go far enough to drop and fire. If there’s isn’t, then material will need to be removed to elongate the sear slot

The safety on my Mark II doesn’t work after installation with your #1100 trigger?

a.      Material will need to be removed from the trigger in order to function properly. On the trigger, there is an area marked in blue; remove material from this area in small increments until the safety functions properly.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns – call: (623) 223-1111 // email:  

I’m getting light strikes on my AR?

a.      This is more than likely due to the use of an incompatible trigger. Please first determine whether you are using the correct trigger.

b.      For example: AR 15/22 will require a heavier spring and are not compatible with the Impact AR or AR-15 Competition Trigger. Give us a call at (623) 223-1111 or email us at if you have questions about compatibility.

When I pull the trigger on my M77 rear tang, the firing pin moves but doesn’t drop?

a.      This means there is a little too much pressure being put on the sear. Removing a small amount of material from the top of the Timney sear should resolve this.

b.      Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns – call: (623) 223-1111 // email:

My Ruger 788 bolt keeps coming out?

a.      You will need a longer bolt stop release, which we are happy to send out to you. Please contact us via phone (623) 223-1111 or via email and we will get one sent out to you.

My Remington 788 bolt will no longer release or come out?

a.      Due to the variance in tolerance in Remington 788s, you may need to remove a little material from the top of the Timney bolt stop release to resolve this. Take it slow and do small increments at a time.

b.      Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns – call: (623) 223-1111 // email:

How do I clean a Timney Trigger?

a.      We recommend using an alcohol-based cleaner that evaporates easily. Ronsonol lighter fluid and Coleman White Gas both work well to remove dirt and compressed air can help dislodge any stubborn debris. Compressed air and an alcohol-based cleaner are all that are necessary to keep your trigger clean.

My discount code doesn't work!

a.      Beware of fraudulent coupons on websites! We do not share coupon codes with any coupon sites, so codes on those sites are more than likely a scam. All currently active discount codes will work at checkout; if you use a code that shows an error, then that code is no longer valid or is a fake.

How do I install my Glock Trigger?