AR-10 Competition Trigger

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  • AR-10 Competition Trigger

This Timney set the standard for aftermarket trigger upgrades for the AR/M4 rifle

A drop in, complete assembly trigger

The trigger is factory tuned for pull weight, with no creep

The trigger makes use of your rifle's original hammer/trigger pins

Available in skeletonized, straight or curved triggers shoes

Timney is the market leader in AR replacement triggers

  • Trigger allows you to become more accurate with your rifle
  • No gunsmith needed, easy to install
  • Ready for the range, no adjustments needed
  • No additional parts needed to install trigger
  • Trigger shoe options to fit your feel/style


Timney AR-10 Triggers are designed to fit all mil-spec AR-10 and .308 Caliber platforms.

Tech Tips

  • 5
    Easy to install

    Posted by Mitch on Apr 30th 2020

    I recently purchased a .308 win in the Ar-10 platform. My only qualms with the rifle was it's mil spec trigger. After much research I decided to upgrade my trigger with the Timney drop in. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

  • 5
    AR-10 Competition Trigger

    Posted by Mike on Apr 29th 2020

    I done my research before i bought this trigger, every conversation pointed me back to the same product. Timney Triggers

  • 5
    AR 10 competition triggers

    Posted by Gary on Dec 1st 2019

    Easy to install. Improved accuracy!

  • 5
    Savage MSR10

    Posted by Craig Brown on Jun 21st 2019

    I installed my new trigger with ease. The trigger is very smooth I can’t wait to shoot it.

  • 5
    AR 10 Trigger

    Posted by Charles D. Snedden on Mar 25th 2019

    Absolutely perfect !! Simple install and by far the best triggers I’ve ever owned!!))) thank you for your superior products!!

  • 5
    AR trigger

    Posted by Todd Robinson on Mar 25th 2019

    Easy to install! Love the crisp pull. This is my 4th trigger I’ve bought over the last 6 years. I absolutely love the triggers.

  • 5
    4# relief

    Posted by  Scott Dillon from Iowa on Aug 15th 2018

    I got hold of my sons DPMS, and finally got rid of that 8# trigger. It's a huge difference in both pull and accuracy. Me being a bench shooter, anything over 8oz seems excessive....worse when it's 8#. Money well spent considering all the other modifications you can spend $$ on.

  • 5
    Oklahoma Hunter

    Posted by William West from Mcloud, OK on Jul 16th 2018

    My first Timney trigger was for my Remington 700, this trigger was for a Savage MSR-10, factory trigger was too hard to pull, how it is easy and shorter. This will not be the last Timney I purchase.

  • 5
    So smooth

    Posted by Rob from Georgia on Jul 16th 2018

    You can really feel the difference. No creep/no play. A REAL sharp break. Great "pull" feel. 4 pound pull is very comfortable. The original DPMS trigger was 7.9 pound.