AR-10 Competition Trigger

$259.99 - $319.99
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If you’re looking to get the most out of your AR-10 for your next competition then look no further, this is the trigger you need.

With an incredibly smooth pull, a crisp feel, and reliability at every turn, it’s no wonder that the AR-10 Competition trigger is one of our most popular AR triggers.


- 4 lb. pull weight
      - Non-adjustable
- Available in curved, straight, or skeletonized shoes
- Will aid you in being more accurate with your rifle
- 100% drop-in, cassette style trigger
- Easy to install, no gunsmithing or fitting required
- Hand-assembled, tested, and calibrated
- Backed by our Legendary Lifetime Warranty
- Proudly made in the USA


Compatible with all mil-spec AR-10 and .308 Caliber platforms.

  • Made In The USA


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