Hunting Triggers

The thrill of the hunt is something not easily understood.

You are a hunter and you know it all too well. It drives you, it consumes you, you will do everything you can to get that extra few hours in the stand, to spend another day in the field chasing that connection with nature that only hunters have the privilege to experience.

As a hunter - you know your gear inside and out, you know the trails leading to and from your stand and you’ve studied the animal. You are prepared to sit and wait on him in the cold, walk to the top of the mountain to see him, or glass miles of wilds in search of him. Then, almost out of nowhere, the shot presents itself. Are you ready? Do you know the precise moment your trigger will break sending the perfect shot on a buck of a lifetime? Are you the most accurate you can be with your rifle?

At Timney, we understand hunters and the thrill of the chase because we are hunters. We support all hunters and all legal hunting. We understand accuracy and the importance of making the shot. That is why we’ve been dedicated to making “The World’s Finest Triggers” since 1946.

Do you know the precise moment your trigger will break sending the perfect shot on a buck of a lifetime?

With the precision and state-of-the-art machining that goes in to each and every trigger we build, the dedication to excellence and ensuring each one of our triggers is hand-assembled and tested in the action it was designed for before it is delivered to your door – we understand accuracy and making that shot.

With a clean, crisp Timney, making that shot is more mental than physical. With practice and the right tools - a fine rifle with a Timney trigger feels the exact same each and every time pulled. You will be the most accurate as possible with your hunting rifle. So after all the preparation - the scouting, checking your gear, planning, and hunting hard for days, when the shot presents itself, you will have the confidence and experience to whisper to yourself, “I can make that shot.” Trust Timney, Trust Excellence and Succeed with The World’s Finest Trigger.