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General Questions


Can you install my Timney Trigger?

Installation method is your choice – you, your own gunsmith or us.  If you choose to send it here for installation (at a cost of $40 installation plus $35 shipping) then the following policy applies:

1. Your entire rifle MUST be sent to us in a plastic gun case inside a cardboard box.

2. Please remove all accessories, inclusive of but not limited to, scopes, slings and tripods.

3. Enclose a note stating:

  • What you would like done
  • Name
  • Full Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email address for UPS tracking purposes
  • Payment option – check for entire amount ($75 + retail price found at or credit card information

    If it is not in the plastic case inside the cardboard box then we will contact you with the options below:

a.  We ship it back at your expense ($35) WITHOUT working on it.
b.  You can opt to have us install the trigger and we will ship it back to you and the cost for the plastic case and cardboard box will be added to your installation and shipping costs at a cost of $35.


How do I clean my trigger?

Dip the trigger in white gas (Coleman Fuel), that will dissolve any varnish deposits on the trigger.  To lubricate it squirt a small amount of Ronson lighter fluid on the mechanism.




How do I adjust sear engagement?

To adjust your sear engagement back to the factory settings you will need to follow the steps as outlined below. (Always make sure the rifle is unloaded)


  • Put the rifle in a vise, I would recommend a cloth or towel to avoid scratching the blue on your barrel.
  • Remove the stock by loosening the screws on the trigger guard and front of the ammo trap.
  • Put the rifle on safe.
  • The screw on the back of the trigger is your sear engagement. You will need to loosen the nut holding the adjustment screw in place. Using an Allen or Hex wrench you will turn the sear engagement screw clockwise until it stops. This screw will tighten until it hits the safety. Once you have firm contact you will need to turn the screw about one flat counter-clockwise to allow the safety to work. It’s a fine line between the proper sear engagement, the safety moving properly and a creepy trigger. You want to be able to move the safety (watch the detent moving in and out) and still have a crisp trigger.
  • Once the safety/sear engagement is set you can adjust the poundage screw on the front of the trigger, it’s the one with the nut. Loosen the nut so you can move the set screw. It’s very important to have spring pressure on the trigger, with out it the trigger will not return to the ready position. This means the trigger and sear don’t align properly and the trigger will not hold the sear in place when cocking the bolt. The outcome of the trigger not holding the sear is the firing pin will drop as soon as you close the bolt. We recommend 3lbs on the trigger but it will go down as low as 1.5 lbs normally. In order to get to 1.5lbs of trigger pull you must have the sear engagement properly set and still maintain spring pressure on the trigger.

How much inletting should I do to my stock?

Inletting of the stock is a simple procedure on most rifles; the key is to make sure to clear enough space from around the trigger so that the stock doesn’t interfere with the operation of the trigger particularly the safety.  The trigger shouldn’t make direct contact with the inside of the trigger well. Inletting will fix this issue, be sure to clear away wood  on both sides of the trigger and that the safety has room to move clearly before tightening down the screws for the trigger guard.




Is my Timney 10-22 adjustable?

The Timney 10-22 trigger is not adjustable, it comes custom set at 2.75 lbs.


Should I use lube or oil on my Timney 10-22 trigger?

Don’t use oil or lube on Timney 10-22’s.


I shoot competitive matches that require a pull weight of 3.25 lbs minimum is there a way to set my pull weight higher?

The Timney Custom shop will hand calibrate a trigger for you, give us a call to order.




I have a Colt AR-15 with a Sear block; can I install a Timney trigger in it?

In order to install a Timney Trigger the Sear block must be removed. It is a hardened, heat treated steel block that will need to be machined out using a high speed mill and a carbide end mill. Timney provides this service to customers for the following fees:

Sear Block Removal - $55.00
Shipping - $25.00
Handling - $10.00
Install - $40.00


Should I use lube or oil on my Timney AR?

No lubrication is necessary as Timney uses Teflon nickel plating. It should be kept clean but doesn’t need oil.


Can I install a Timney AR into a Carbon AR lower?

Yes, but you have to put a piece of sheet metal between the bottom of the lower and our Trigger.


Can I replace the spring(s) in your AR-15 competition trigger assembly or put in a heavier hammer spring for 5.56 NATO rounds?

Yes, we do sell a heavier hammer and spring combination. The Timney AR-10 Hammer is $25.00, the AR Red Spring is $9.95, and  shipping is $7.50. 


Is the Timney AR-15 trigger fire control group adjustable for pull weight, Sear Engagement and Creep; like your bolt action triggers?

The Timney AR 15 trigger is not an adjustable trigger group.


What if I have a plastic or polymer AR lower?

You should call Timney if you have a plastic AR lower to get a special plate to put between the lower and our Trigger group.


What is the Proper procedure for installing one of your AR-15 triggers into my lower?

Timney triggers has provided detailed instructions for the installation of our AR-15 trigger group including a picture tutorial on our website. Click here to find out more.


When installing my AR, should I use lock tight?

Never use loctite on any Timney triggers.




Should I use lube or oil on my Timney Scar’s?

Don’t use oil or lube on Timney Scar’s.


When installing my Scar, should I use lock tight?

Never use loctite on any Timney triggers.


Will the screw in the Timney Scar trigger group drive through my plastic Scar lower?

You should call Timney to get a special plate to put between the lower and our Trigger group. We are now  sending these when you purchase a Timney Scar.