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Nov 14th 2018 | Posted by Timney Tribe

Mauser Featherweight Deluxe Featured in Texas Fish & Game

Timney Triggers’ Mauser Featherweight Deluxe Trigger was prominently featured in both the print and online versions of Texas Fish & Game.

Writer and firearm enthusiast Dustin Vaughn Warncke was originally thrilled about a pawn shop find – an FN Mauser custom sport rifle. But he was unhappy with the trigger, which was a standard military-grade trigger with high resistance and prohibitive creep. He decided to swap the trigger for the Mauser Featherweight Deluxe.

He was apprehensive at first, as this was his first time executing such a swap. But he was pleasantly surprised by our detailed directions. He was able to easily remove the old trigger and install its replacement. He also found it quite easy to tighten the set screw using an Allen or Hex key set. It was even easier to adjust the trigger to his desired settings.

His installation issues were related to the rifle, not his new trigger. He needed to make space for the safety – an issue he would have encountered with any trigger substitute – and he had to address a binding issue where the trigger dropped through to the trigger guard. However, he shared that all of our trigger-related troubleshooting tips were spot on.

Once his rifle was up and running, he found that his shooting accuracy had reached peak levels.

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