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How to Take Your Hunting Game to the Next Level
Sep 29th 2020 | Posted by Timney Staff

How to Take Your Hunting Game to the Next Level

Hunting season is just around the corner, are you ready? The last month before hunting season is always filled with excitement and anticipation, as all of the final preparations are made. Scouting out the perfect spot, checking game cameras, going through gear and getting it organized, making sure everything is functioning the way it should, washing your clothes, zeroing your rifle, and buying a few last-minute items are just a few of the tasks hunters must check off their list before each season. If your rifle needs a refresher, this is the perfect time to make upgrades that will leave you feeling more confident and prepared to take down that trophy buck.

When most of us think of upgrades, we think about big upgrades like upgrading to a better rifle or optic. But upgrading your hunting rig does not have to be expensive or extensive to see a measurable improvement in its performance.

Let’s look at how a trigger upgrade is beneficial, simple, and cost-effective.

For starters, a slow and steady trigger pull is one of the most important fundamentals of shooting. Having poor trigger control can lead to non-lethal shots, allowing the animal to get away, or even missed shots--both of which make for a pretty lousy day in the field. But breaking a good shot doesn’t begin and end with trigger control. If your trigger is lousy, good trigger control can only go so far.

Timney offers various styles of triggers for various platforms like Remington, Weatherby, Tikka, Mossberg, and Winchester. Upgrading to a Timney trigger gives you more control over pull weight and sear engagement, and the confidence to know that your trigger will have the same, crisp break at the same time-- every time. This confidence in your gear is pivotal to a successful hunt.

Another added benefit of upgrading to a Timney trigger is simplicity. Timney triggers are designed to be drop-in ready, meaning no gunsmithing is necessary to replace your trigger with a Timney. With the right tools, you can follow a few simple instructions, and swap out your trigger in the comfort of your own home. We even provide various instructional videos for this in our Video Gallery.

Upgrading your trigger is a very cost-effective option. Upgrading a scope can easily cost you over $500, and a rifle even more than that. Most of the triggers offered by Timney are available for less than $250, with several of them costing less than $150, so this upgrade isn’t going to break the bank.

You’ve put in the hard work, made all the tedious preparations, and woke up before the sun to get here. When the sun comes up and the buck of a lifetime steps out, will you be ready? When it’s time to make that shot, pull the trigger with confidence, and get the job done with Timney Triggers.

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