3-Gun Competition

If you compete, you are one of two types of competitors. One enjoys a leisure day on the range competing with friends plinking and shooting targets to get away from the rigors of life. Shooting is a hobby and discipline that fulfills your call for freedom and desire to live free.

The other type of competitor is obsessed with the drive to compete - to excel and to dominate the sport that consumes their every conscious thought, you know who you are, you’ve spent countless hours on the range honing your skills, you have developed the load that gives you the advantage you need, you eat, sleep and breathe your discipline. You know your equipment inside and out, you wake up at 3am, drive all day to get to the match and you sacrifice everything for that one last chance to prove your skills on the range. You’re never satisfied with excellence - you know you can do better…

If you are one of these two shooters why would you leave anything to chance? Timney delivers the performance you need to fulfill your hunger for perfection. You won’t need a spare trigger in the bag, you won’t have to carry crazy cleaning solutions, you won’t have to compete knowing your trigger will fail one day - Timney performance is guaranteed and proven at the highest level of competition.



When everything is on the line, when you need that last 10, that X to break the tie, to ring that steel at a crazy distance, to deliver your personal best, to be .01 of a second faster than the next guy that matters the most?

Your Trigger... The last thing you touch, the last thing you do before you send that bullet to the target is press the trigger. SEND IT!!! It is the final part of the puzzle. Your fun, your freedom, your success, your win, your triumph in victory relies on your trigger. Don’t leave anything to chance - don’t let a failed part destroy all that hard work. Trust Timney, Trust Excellence and Win with The World’s Finest Trigger.

Accurate Ordinance
Deep South
GA Precision
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