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May 31st 2018 | Posted by Timney Tribe

Why is the Ruger® M77 MKII The Best Deer Hunting Rifle?

When deer hunting, it’s important the weapon used is specifically designed for the hunt. Deer can be quick and their movement can be difficult to follow for even the best hunters, and so a high-quality weapon that is machined for the job is required. It’s the reason so many hunters are now choosing the Ruger M77 MKII. In our latest post, we’ll explain more about the rifle and its value in deer hunting.

Single Stage Pull Trigger

Because of the single stage pull trigger in the Ruger® M77 MKII, you can achieve a predictable shot with a high level of accuracy for hunting fast-moving deer. This is ideal for novice hunters looking to hone their understanding of the fundamentals.

Durable Construction

One of the reasons many choose rifles from Ruger®is because the company is known to deliver reliable construction with each weapon created. The Ruger® M77 MKII is constructed from high-performance material designed for durability within challenging conditions. This means those taking their firearms with them deep into the wooded areas across the country will find the Ruger® M77 MKII stands up to even the most extreme climates.


One important element to consider when selecting any deer hunting rifle is the accuracy provided by the weapon. The Ruger® M77 MKII leads the field in this area with its high levels of accuracy over long distances. The product has also been designed to limit misfires, which can ruin a shot and lead to significant safety issues when hunting in groups


Another consideration when choosing rifles is the level of comfort provided to the user. Because of the lightweight construction of the Ruger® MK77 MKII, you’ll easily be able to carry the firearm throughout the hunt without risking injury. The gun is designed for maximum user comfort and to ensure you remain ready to take the shot at all times.

Our team at Timney Triggers now offers a full range of replacement triggers for the Ruger® M77 MKII. To discover more about our products and the current trigger selection we carry, please call us today.

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