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Why Choose Timney for Replacement Triggers?
Nov 13th 2017 | Posted by Timney Triggers

Why Choose Timney for Replacement Triggers?

Timney Triggers has quickly become one of the most recognized and respected companies within the industry for the quality of our trigger products. But for those without experience in the industry, it’s important to know what sets Timney apart from others in the trigger replacement marketplace. And so, within this latest post, we’ll explore more on the benefits of choosing replacement triggers from Timney Triggers.

Lifetime Guarantee

Unlike many of the other firms within the industry, the triggers offered by Timney Triggers are sold with a 100% lifetime warranty. This is a no-questions asked warranty, which ensures that customers can simply replace their trigger at no extra cost should they experience a problem. It’s a commitment to quality of service that helps set the company apart within the marketplace.

A Commitment to Innovation

Timney Triggers is continually working to refine their triggers for optimal performance. We help our customers find the best product for their unique weaponry needs and then ensure the system is built according to their unique needs. This means we often offer the only replacement triggers in the marketplace for many popular pieces.

Affordable Pricing

At Timney Triggers, our goal is to help the customer find the ideal product for them while reducing their costs. We offer affordable pricing on the full range of replacement triggers. When customers are searching for a replacement product, we can help guide them based on their budget and their performance needs to ensure they find their ideal system.

Complete Selection

Another of the benefits of working with a specialist such as Timney Triggers is buyers gain access to one of the largest elections of triggers. Whether the customer requires a trigger shotguns, rifle, or AR rifle, our company can provide the trigger for their weapon at the right price and within a quick timeframe. It’s how we’ve developed our reputation for excellence over many decades within the industry.

The team here at Timney Triggers can now guide you on the full range of trigger products available through our market-leading company. To discover more on the options available, call us at 1-866-4TIMNEY to speak to an expert. 

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