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What Is Trigger Weight and What is Its Impact on Replacement Triggers?

Trigger pull weight is one of the leading considerations when choosing replacement triggers. But what is the pull weight of a trigger? And how does this weight impact the shooting performance of the trigger? In this latest post, we’ll explain trigger weight and its impact on your choice of replacement triggers.

Trigger Pull is a Measure of Force

It’s first important to know that trigger pull is actually a measure of force. The force exerted on the sear to get it to release is called the “trigger pull”. Many believe that it’s best to choose the lightest trigger pull possible when reviewing replacement triggers, but this isn’t always the case.

Trigger Pull Measured by Gauges

Gun experts use resistance gauges to determine the level of pull in ounces. A high-quality sporting trigger will have a pull between 2lbs and 5lbs. And it will break at the same point each time, ensuring a consistent shot.

Knowing a Trigger Pull Can Help You Control the Gun

Having a clear understanding of the trigger pull of your weapon can help you in controlling the gun. Once you know the trigger pull weight, you can predict when it’s going to fire and ready your aim beforehand. This isn’t always ideal for beginners, as they might flinch when they know the trigger release is going to occur.

Lightweight Pulls Can be Dangerous

If the pull of your trigger is too light, it can cause the gun to fire with very little pressure on the trigger. Obviously, this is extremely dangerous and can lead to the gun firing by accident. And so it’s always recommended that replacement triggers are designed specifically for the weapon and its user.

Creep can Affect the Pull

Another factor impacting the firing of the weapon is the creep. A trigger can move in the loaded phase of the gun, which may cause changes in the firing process. This level of creep is highly dangerous and it’s important you learn more about the issue before choosing replacement triggers.

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