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Sep 11th 2017 | Posted by Timney Triggers

Tips for Choosing a Savage Trigger Replacement

Choosing a trigger replacement for your current rifle can be difficult to finalize, as there are multiple options on the marketplace with updated designs continually released. It’s important to speak directly with a trigger specialist before making that final decision on product options. And in this latest post we’ll explain our tips for choosing a Savage trigger replacement product.

Consider the Savage Acutrigger for Lightweight Performance

The Savage Acutrigger has been designed for optimal handling and lightweight performance in a full range of environments. The product features an adjustable pull weight of between 1.5lbs and 4lbs to provide the ideal option for a number of users. The durability of the hardened steel working surfaces ensures lasting performance and significant value.

For Bolt-Action, Review the Savage 110

The Savage 110 is one of the leading trigger options for users looking for a replacement savage trigger for their bolt-action weapons. The product is designed for easy adjustment and personalization and has been designed for the highest level of performance durability found across the market today. Our team has engineered the Savage 110 to combine the ideal balance of performance power and lightweight handling for an exceptional return on investment.

Work with Trusted Local Experts

There are many steps to consider when choosing the latest triggers for your Savage rifles. For those that have recently purchased the product, it’s important to speak with a specialist before making any decisions on trigger replacement. The specialist can help to guide you on the types of triggers available and their benefits. They can also work to guide you on how to safely integrate your ideal trigger within your gun. This will allow you to minimize your integration issues and install the trigger with seamless precision.

Our experts at Timney Triggers are here around the clock to help guide you in choosing your trigger options. 

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