The Value of Timney Replacement Triggers for Target Shooting
Dec 12th 2017 | Posted by Timney Triggers

The Value of Timney Replacement Triggers for Target Shooting

In choosing triggers for target shooting, you require a reliable system that will respond adeptly to your unique performance needs. Our trusted team at Timney Triggers is known throughout the marketplace for our unmatched trigger quality, and in this latest post we’ll explain more on why so many are now choosing our replacement triggers for target shooting applications.


When you turn to Timney Triggers, you know that the product we offer has been crafted for precision. We only use the latestprecision-engineered tools to create our products. Each piece is built to the highest tolerance levels for that unmatched performance shot after shot. This level of reliability means it doesn’t matter which trigger you select; you’ll always receive the ideal level of performance from your Timney-powered weapon.

In-House Calibration and Testing

We’re one of the few trigger manufacturers to offer calibration and testing in-house for our products. We take great pride in the ability of our triggers to offer precision and so we take all the required steps to ensure you retain complete shooting control. Our calibration and testing team has decades of experience in weapons manufacturing and uses this understanding to test each piece that goes through our production process. Only those pieces that have been shown to offer consistency in testing and have been fully calibrated are then shipped for sale. It’s this commitment to quality of performance that has helped our company become the noted specialist for replacement triggers across the marketplace.

Complete Product Line

AR-10 Competition Trigger, which has been designed with a factory four pound pull and can be installed in just a few minutes. The product also offers lightweight performance and is designed with a lightweight 6061 T6 alloy for ideal handling. It’s just one of the many leading-class trigger products now available for precise targeting through Timney Triggers.

Our team at Timney Triggers is here to guide you on the latest replacement triggers for refined accuracy in target practice applications. Shooting accurately is fun. Become a pro shooter with our triggers. Shop now!

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