Feb 20th 2018 | Posted by gailk

The Value of Adjustable Trigger Shoes and Replacement Triggers

When looking for replacement triggers, it’s important to consider the value of adjustable trigger shoes within the shooting experience. Adjustable trigger shoes hold a number of benefits over the stock products from the manufacturer, and within this latest post, we’ll explain more about these benefits and how the replacement triggers can enhance your shooting experience.

Improves Contact Area

An adjustable trigger shoe helps to improve the size of the contact space when pulling the trigger. This has a number of benefits to the shooting experience. Firstly it helps eliminate slips when gripping the gun. And secondly, it can help to reduce the pull weight of the trigger to provide you with a smoother shot. It’s the reason that adjustable trigger shoes are commonly used on competition rifles where pinpoint accuracy is a foremost consideration.

Consistent Pull

Another common problem many shooters face is that the pull on their trigger isn’t always consistent. The weight can change depending on the application, and this can make it difficult to become attuned to the performance of the gun. Working with replacement triggers and adjustable trigger shoes helps assure a consistent pull weight. You’ll be better able to predict how the trigger will operate with each shot, ensuring you gain that higher level of performance.

Centering Your Finger on the Trigger

Another important consideration is the placement of your finger on the trigger. Achieving the optimal placement can be difficult without the use of adjustable trigger shoes. And that’s part of the reason many are now working with the latest adjustable options. An adjustable trigger shoe can help keep your finger placed firmly in the center of the shoe, eliminating the need to make quick finger movements when discharging the weapon. This can help in improving the safety of your shooting.

Our team at Timney Triggers has decades of experience in offering quality replacement triggers for a full range of weapons. To discover more about our products and the options available, call us today.

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