Apr 5th 2018 | Posted by gailk

The Safety Steps to Consider When Using the Ruger® M77 MKII

The Ruger® M77 MKII has quickly become one of the most popular rifle options in the marketplace. And so now is the ideal time to take into consideration the safety steps to utilize when firing this high-powered weapon. Our team at Timney Triggers has significant experience in gun safety, and within this latest post, we’re highlighting the safety steps to use when working with the Ruger® M77 MKII.

Follow the Instructions for Installing the Locking Device

Many make the mistake of taking on the installation of the locking device on their own without reviewing the instructions. But this can be a significant issue if you make a mistake during the installation process, and your safety could be at risk.

To install the locking device, keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction and your fingers outside the trigger guard. And make sure the gun is not loaded. Then open the action completely and release the floor plate latch so it hangs open. You can then apply the lock directly to the weapon. Once applied, close the lock by pressing directly on the shackle while being careful not to dent the wooden stock. Once the lock is secured, remove the key and then pull firmly on the lock to make sure it’s secured.

Practice Dry Firing

To get the feel of the unique style of the Ruger® M77 MKII, you should practice dry firing the weapon with no ammunition. Make sure it’s pointing in a safe direction as you practice.

Keep Your Finger outside the Guard when Moving the Safety

The safety selector should always be in the safe position unless when you’re firing or unloading the weapon. When moving the safety selector, ensure that you don’t have your finger inside the trigger guard, as this can lead to accidental firing.

Know the Caliber and the Loading Requirements

Another important element to consider is the caliber of your weapon and its ammunition. Make sure you’re using the correct caliber of ammunition for your Ruger® M77 MII. If a cartridge will not chamber properly, don’t try and force it, as this can lead to dangerous firing conditions.

Our team at Timney Triggers can help you to effectively use the Ruger® MKII in a safe way. To learn more about gun safety, speak to our team today.

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