The 870 Trigger Fix
Oct 31st 2017 | Posted by Timney Triggers

The 870 Trigger Fix

Timney Trigger's new 870 Trigger Fix is composed of a modified Teflonnickel-coated sear and the option of one of three sear springs. The color-coded springs are adjustable from 2-3 lbs., 3-4 lbs., and 4-5 lbs., and the knob on the sear is adjustable by way of an included hex key. Installation of the sear is involved, but uncomplicated, and requires no special tools. Once the sear is in place, the sear spring can be easily changed by punching out the front and rear trigger plate pins and removing the trigger assembly. A few short turns of the adjustment knob allow for precise pull weight.

I had the pleasure of installing, testing and hunting with the new trigger just a few hours' drive from the NRA headquarters during a mid-December doe hunt in West Virginia, and the Trigger Fix performed as well as Timney claimed: It broke the same way every time; was adjustable; felt like a center-fire rifle trigger; and was easy to install. With the trigger set at just under 3 lbs., the creep was nearly imperceptible a major improvement over the factory trigger. Newer and better-quality 870s fitted with the Trigger Fix broke even cleaner. After a successful hunt using Remington Copper Solid slugs in an 870 Express Magnum, it was apparent that one needn't be a trigger snob to demand a high-performance upgrade to help maximize the 870's potential. 

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