Aug 23rd 2018

Shooting Illustrated Offers First Look of Calvin Elite Trigger

At Timney Triggers, we understand that firearms owners need to tailor their weapons to their exact needs, inclusive of look and feel. With the addition of the Calvin Elite trigger, Ruger owners now have another option to customize their firearms. The NRA’s Shooting Illustrated offered a first look at the new trigger.

The article primarily focused on two key aspects of the trigger—construction and customization.

The Calvin Elite trigger consists of a single-piece trigger assembly made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. The trigger, sear, and hammer are all heat-treated to guarantee strength and longevity. And the trigger can be dropped in by simply removing the two pins that are part of a standard Ruger’s construction.

Concerning customization, the Calvin Elite comes complete with four trigger shoes—curved, flat, heeled, and knurled. Each shoe can be adjusted to the carrier’s desired length of pull as well as height and cast. Shooting Illustrated calls this “an unprecedented level of customization”.

As a guarantee of quality, Shooting Illustrated shared that Timney assembles, calibrates, and tests each trigger in the receiver of the specific model the trigger is designed for. Thus, in addition to the customization and premium construction, there’s a guarantee that the trigger will fit seamlessly into the intended firearm.

The Shooting Illustrated team was especially enthusiastic about the Calvin Elite for the Ruger as it was previously only available for AR-15s and Remingtons.

To learn more about the Calvin Elite as well as Timney’s full trigger assortment, head here.

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