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Apr 19th 2019 | Posted by Timney Tribe

Ruger 10/22® Replacement Trigger Featured in American Rifleman

Trigger served as top choice in reconstruction of a .22 rifle.

Timney Triggers’ Ruger 10/22® Replacement Trigger was recently highlighted in an article published by American Rifleman.

Writer B. Gil Horman wanted his son to learn the ins and outs of a semiautomatic .22 LR rifle. Rather than gift him with a fully assembled firearm, Horman tapped into his son’s curiosity and worked with him to build the .22 himself.

This was a full-scale .22 reconstruction made from the best options on the market. Horman wrote, “Because this is a rifle my son will inherit one day, I turned to manufacturers and component providers I trust.”

Together, Horman and his son replaced the receiver, barrel, barrel block, retention screws, and bolt assemblies, among other components. For the trigger, they turned to our Ruger 10/22® Replacement Trigger. Horman highlighted the smooth, clean trigger pull right out of the box (2 lbs., 13 oz.). He wrote, “I have yet to meet a single Timney product I didn’t like. Every single product I’ve worked with over the last decade has operated flawlessly and either met or exceeded my expectations.”

He went on to praise the trigger as a top-end option with an initial cost that more than pays for itself over time and through repeated use. His son was also a big fan.

Visit the official product page to learn more about the Replacement Trigger for the Ruger 10/22®.

Visit to read more articles like Horman’s. American Rifleman is one of 8 official publications created and sponsored by the NRA.

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