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Dec 6th 2018 | Posted by Timney Tribe

Praise for the Calvin Elite from The Truth About Guns

The Calvin Elite AR Trigger has a new fan in The Truth About Guns’ Kat Ainsworth. In her review, “Timney Makes the Best AR Trigger Hammers Down”, she explains why the Calvin Elite is among the best triggers on the market.

Her review centered specifically around precision triggers for AR-15 rifles. Before testing the Calvin Elite, she had a few criteria – the perfect precision trigger had to have a light pull weight, short pull, and “glass-rod crisp break”. She also wanted a brief reset. Additionally, interchangeable shoes were the icing on the cake.

Ainsworth first encountered the Calvin Elite at SHOT Show 2017 where she was immediately intrigued. She loved the interchangeable and adjustable shoes, the ultra-lightweight pull, and the Calvin’s general customization capability. She also described the pull as “nearly impossibly smooth” and praised the crispness of the break.

Whereas many reviewers have used the Calvin in a single rifle, Ainsworth has tested it in several rifles of both the AR-15 and AR-10 varieties. She’s had time to identify her preferences and witness the Calvin’s consistency across multiple guns.

She referred to the Calvin as an adjustment that could make an already great rifle surgically precise. Among all the triggers in this particular category, the Calvin Elite far exceeds the competition.

About Timney, she says, “They seem to have a gift with triggers of all kinds. They’ve got it down to a science.”

The Truth About Guns is a massive online resource for gunowners, covering everything from gun and gear reviews to facts about guns.

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