Apr 27th 2022

Meet Our Customer Service Experts!

Here at Timney, we only hire the best people because we know that our customers deserve the best treatment, and our customer service experts are no exception to this. If you have ever had the pleasure of talking to Ben and Megan, our customer service reps, then you have first-hand experience of how great they are. Both Ben and Megan are dedicated to their jobs and take servicing our customers very seriously. Ben and Megan are valuable members of our team who we love very dearly – every day one of us walks into the front office we are instantly greeted by the joy and happiness that oozes from their shining personalities.

Ben and Megan are fun people to have in the workplace because they take their jobs seriously, but they aren’t serious people. If you walk down into customer service with a frown on your face, they will turn that frown right upside-down and make you forget about whatever was weighing on your heart. They add so much to the Timney Team – from their knowledge about triggers to their love of people, they are an integral part of what makes Timney, Timney.


Introducing Ben…

Ben has been at Timney for a little over a year now and has been a great asset to the Timney Team. He first heard about the position because he attended the same gym as our General Manager who took one look at Ben and knew he was right for the part. Since that fateful day, Ben has been educating customers and helping them find their perfect trigger. When Ben isn’t spewing facts about our Alpha Competition for Glock Triggers, he’s either bouncing around town with his cousins or lifting the heaviest things he can find at the gym. When asked what his favorite color is, Ben said red because even though blue is clearly the best option, he enjoys a good underdog story, which is why he has an Arizona Cardinals sticker on the back of his car. Being an Arizona native, Ben has seen enough mountains for a lifetime and would love nothing more than to relax on a beach somewhere with less cruel weather patterns than Arizona. Though that Arizona heat is sweltering, Ben says that he hopes to never part ways with Timney because he loves the people he works with and the customers he gets to serve each day.

Introducing Megan…

After 5 years of servicing customers, Megan still comes into work each day with an award-winning smile splashed across her face. Though she was initially hired to work in the shipping department, Megan found her home in caring for our loyal customers up at the front office. If you want to meet a lovely, genuine person then come on down the 2020 W. Quail and say hi to Megan. She is a master practitioner of The Collaborative Way (the Timney culture model) and will make everything in your life feel right when you’re around her. On her days off, Megan is usually off adventuring by day and relaxing by a campfire or in the pool by night. Oddly enough, Megan’s favorite day of the week is Monday because she loves new beginnings, which is also why spring is her favorite season. When asked why she chose to work at Timney, Megan said, “looking back, I didn’t choose Timney. Timney chose me. I showed up being my authentic self and instantly fell in love”. If that doesn’t show you the type of person Megan is, then you should give her a call and ask her what she loves about Timney!

You couldn’t have two better people sitting in the front office helping you with your trigger. Ben and Megan are examples of what great people are, and we are so lucky that they choose to call Timney their home.

Want to make Ben and Megan’s day? Send them some love by calling or emailing them!

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