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Nov 12th 2018 | Posted by Timney Tribe

Calvin Elite Named Best AR Trigger by The Truth About Guns

Earlier this month, firearm website The Truth About Guns declared our Calvin Elite was the best AR trigger on the market, hammers down.

Writer, and self-proclaimed trigger snob, Kat Ainsworth set out to find the best precision trigger for the firing range. Her ideal trigger had to have a light pull weight, smooth, short pull, and a glass rod-crisp break with only a brief reset. She also wanted a drop-in trigger with interchangeable shoes. The Calvin Elite checked every box.

Ainsworth immediately loved that Timney Triggers are American-made – something that’s incredibly important to her when selecting gear. She also liked the yellow drop-in housing and the four interchangeable shoes – both of which were on her checklist.

She was even more enthusiastic about the Calvin Elite’s customization options. The shoes can be adjusted to accommodate the length of the pull, the cast, and height. And the Calvin Elite can be used in several different types of rifles.

Ainsworth was convinced that the Calvin Elite was the best trigger for this category and purpose. Additionally, she was quite fond of the company. She praised Timney for maintaining a knowledgeable team that produces high-quality triggers.

The Truth About Guns is a comprehensive firearm resource that balances gear and gun reviews with training for beginners and general facts about guns. TTAG’s Facts About Guns page is a massive collection of fact-based articles about everything from specific firearms (i.e. AR-15 rifles) to debunking myths about gun violence. To dive in, visit

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