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Mar 28th 2019 | Posted by Timney Tribe

Calvin Elite Featured in NRA’s Shooting Illustrated

The Calvin Elite Replacement Trigger for the Ruger 10/22® was recently reviewed in the NRA publication Shooting Illustrated. Writer and gun enthusiast Jay Grazio used the Calvin Elite to upgrade his 10/22’s capability. Many 10/22 owners often choose to replace the gun’s standard factory trigger.

Grazio highlighted several key features of the Calvin Elite. He was especially pleased with how crisp, creep-free, and light the trigger was, pointing out the advantage of the 1.5-2-pound factory setting. He was also pleased with how the trigger “replaces the little nub of a magazine release” with an extended lever, which facilitates faster reloads and ensures clean ejection of empty magazines.

He also praised the Calvin Elite’s customizability. The trigger comes with three shoes – standard, flat-face, and flat-face with finger rest – which can be used to create the perfect interface between the trigger and finger, as best determined by the owner.

Grazio was also impressed with the trigger’s manufacturing, noting that it was hand-built from 6061-T6 aluminum.

Overall, he dubbed the Calvin Elite a “finished product that just begs to be shot often”. Unlike with other triggers, gunowners can test out the new trigger for improvements at a standard 50- or 100-yard range. The differences can be felt right away.

However, Grazio stressed the need for safety when upgrading any firearm. He cautioned that gunowners should secure the right tools and ensure the firearm is unloaded before making any adjustments.

To learn more about the Calvin Elite, visit the product page here.

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