Aug 13th 2019 | Posted by Timney Tribe

American Hunter’s 4 Ways to Fine-Tune Your Rifle During the Off Season

Replacement triggers are spotlighted as a way to fine-tune rifles in the off season

Official NRA publication American Hunter is a go-to resource for hunters, even in the off season. In a recent article, write Philip Massaro highlighted four key ways to fine-tune a rifle in preparation for the forthcoming hunting season.

Among them, he suggested changing or tuning the rifle’s trigger. With his Ruger 77 MKII .22-250, he’d previously used the factory trigger and found it impossible to adjust and flat-out terrible. But once he added a Timney replacement trigger, he noticed major improvements in performance, including better precision and accuracy (from 1-MOA to roughly .25-MOA) and clean breaks at two pounds. Not only was he able to fine-tune his rifle – he was able to upgrade it.

Massaro also discussed the value of investing in new ammunition. The off season is the perfect time to test new rifle and ammo combinations to ensure you’re ready to go when hunting season is back in session.

Additionally, the off season serves as a great time to take advantage of advances in optics. He pointed to recent improvements in game scopes which can help with light transmission and clarity.

Aside from upgrading your rifle’s hardware, an old-fashioned cleaning is in store, too. He recommends disassembly and lubrication to keep your favorite hunting rifles in top shape.

Visit American Hunter’s official website to read Massaro’s fine-tuning tips in full and read additional firearm guides and news.

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