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Feb 6th 2018 | Posted by gailk

A Guide to Choosing a Savage 110 Trigger Replacement

The Savage 110 continues to be one of the leading models of trigger replacement for those seeking a bolt-on action weapon. One of the reasons so many are choosing the Savage 110 is it’s designed for simple adjustment and for optimal personalization for the user. To help guide you within your further consideration of Savage trigger replacement options, we’re highlighting our tips in this latest post.

Look for Refined Accuracy from the Acutrigger

The durability of the Acutrigger resulting from its hardened steel working surfaces makes it one of the foremost options for high levels of shooting accuracy. The product features an adjustable pull weight of between 1.5 and 4lbs to support optimal performance in a range of shooting environments. Its lightweight construction also means the Acutrigger is a great option for those getting used to weapons handling.

Finalize Your Decision By Working With The Local Experts

One of the most common challenges gun owners face when choosing a new trigger is trying to find the right product for both their weapon and their technique. That’s why it’s important to work with local trigger experts to find that balance between technique and performance. Contact our team directly to discuss your full range of Savage trigger options!

Further Considerations when Working with Long-Range Weapons

Now that you have more information about the triggers to use within your Savage gun, let’s look at a few more considerations for optimal accuracy over longer ranges:

  • Bullet energy slows rapidly after 500-to-600 yards

Remember that if shooting over long distances, the bullet energy slows rapidly after terminal velocity over 500 yards. Choose options such as .338s with 30 caliber weapons to maximize accuracy.

  • Use long-range hunting bullets

Bullets should be specifically designed for the job at hand. Make sure you’re working with long-range hunting bullets to assure the ideal clean hit.

  • Match the quality of rangefinder

You can have the best weapon and the ideal caliber bullet, but if your rangefinder isn’t suitable you won’t connect. Make sure you choose the right rangefinder. Crosshairs shouldn’t obscure the target and scopes should be as large as 6X to maximize target finding.

Our team at Timney Triggers now offers market-best pricing on the Savage 110 and other leading trigger options. Call today to learn more!

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