A Complete Guide to the Savage Trigger
Dec 15th 2017 | Posted by Timney Triggers

A Complete Guide to the Savage Trigger

Choosing trigger options isn’t always the simplest process. There are numerous factors to consider, including durability, performance in various conditions and reliability. Our experts at Timney Triggers has decades of experience in the industry and in this latest post we’re highlighting the benefits of the Savage Trigger.


One of the leading factors that goes into choosing a high-quality Savage Trigger is the emphasis placed on durability. Our team at Timney Triggers offers the leading high-durability products, including the AXIS-Edge Trigger, which is machined from case hardened solid steel and is designed to offer durability over many years. Despite the use of hardened steel, the product retains its lightweight performance and handling thanks to the use of a lightweight alloy housing.

Simplified Trigger

The simplified trigger of the Savage Trigger ensures an easier pull process. The featherweight triggers placed into the Timney product are designed by machine to provide a crisper pull without the need for high pressure and high strength.

Easy Handling and Maintenance

All elements of the surface of the Savage Trigger from Timney Triggers have been designed for ease of handling and maintenance. For example, to adjust the sear engagement, you simply have to turn a screw and release, and then tighten with a wrench. It’s a product design that ensures buyers achieve their ideal gun for use in various applications.

Why Turn to Timney Triggers?

Our team at Timney Triggers has great experience in designing triggers for all gun enthusiasts, and we’re particularly proud of our Savage Trigger options. Below are several reasons to choose from our product range:

  • Value

We offer the best value for money on high performance triggers. Our range is designed to mitigate wear and tear and support exceptional long-term performance.

  • Precision

Because each of the options in our catalogue is machined according to tight specifications, you can achieve the ideal precision in using the weapon.

  • Trusted

Our team is trusted for their understanding on high-quality weaponry. We have decades of experience in the market and our products are backed by comprehensive warranties.

To learn more on the full range of Savage Trigger options available, shop now from our store. 

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