Mar 27th 2018 | Posted by gailk

5 Tips for Finding the Right Trigger for the Ruger® MK77 MKII

When choosing a new trigger for your Ruger® MK77 MKII it’s important to work with qualified trigger experts to help ensure the right choice is made. Our experts at Timney Triggers have decades of experience producing quality triggers for the Ruger guns, and our team provides five tips for finding the right trigger for the Ruger® MK77 MKII

Choose Products Built by Hand

One of the most common mistakes trigger buyers make when reviewing options for their Ruger MK77 MKII is that they choose triggers built predominantly through machining. Triggers that are built by hand are designed specifically for the application of the Ruger® model weapons, and are the ideal option.

Consider the Installation Process

Many gun owners don’t consider the installation process when buying new triggers. It can be difficult to install a new trigger for the Ruger® MK77 MKII if you have limited experience in weapons care, and so make sure you choose a trigger kit that is simple to install if you will be taking on the installation work yourself.

Choose Polymer Construction

Any structural issues with the trigger can lead to long-standing safety problems and can make the weapon unsafe to use even by skilled marksmen. Make sure you select a trigger refined through polymer construction to ensure the level of durability you need for safe weapon use.

Review Drop-Testing Performance

Drop testing performance is another leading consideration in selecting triggers for the Ruger® MK77 MKII. When buying from local trigger manufacturers, make sure that the trigger product has been drop-tested and proven safe in manufacturing trials.

Make Sure Parts are Adjustable for Over Travel

Over-travel can cause significant accuracy issues when working with the Ruger® M77 MKII. Choose a trigger that can be adjusted according to the level of travel required within your shooting. This can help you maintain the pinpoint accuracy you need over the long-term.

Our team at Timney Triggers is here to help you select quality trigger options for the Ruger® M77 MKII. To learn more about the options available, call us today!

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