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5 Things to Consider when Choosing an AR Trigger
Sep 11th 2017 | Posted by Timney Triggers

5 Things to Consider when Choosing an AR Trigger

No matter the quality of construction provided by your gun, if you don’t have the ideal AR trigger for the equipment, you’re unlikely to be happy with the performance over the long-term. Our team at Timney Triggers has decades of experience helping guide trigger selection, and in this latest post, we’ll provide you with insights on five things to consider when choosing an AR trigger.

  1. Single Stage Offers Speed

Single stage triggers offer a superior level of speed for hunters. They can be operated faster by the experienced hunter for a quicker response time in the field.

  1. Two-Stage Has a Lower Pull Weight

The pull weight on the trigger should be a leading consideration. In a single stage 3.5lbs trigger, the user is pulling all the way through the 3.5lbs before the shot breaks. In the two-stage version, the pull on a 3.5lbs trigger will require only pulling through 2lbs, and then a lighter movement through to the shot.

  1. Quality is the Most Important Consideration

Our team has seen products on the market that offer limited value at a high price, while we’re able to present affordable options that have been built to high tolerances. Consider our AR-10 Competition Trigger, which is designed as a self-contained, 100% drop-in unit assured to offer exceptional performance in a range of environments. It’s important to carefully consider AR trigger quality before ruling out a potential option.

  1. Light Triggers Offer Competitive Value

For hunters choosing an AR trigger for their competition, light triggers might offer competitive value. But safety concerns should be reviewed closely. Some poorly made products can be triggered by simply knocking the gun on its side. It’s important to balance lightweight performance with sturdy safety. As one of the best in the market, our AR-15 Competition Trigger is designed for durable performance with a lightweight trigger ideal for competitive shooting.

  1. Speak to an Expert Before Deciding

You might feel you have a full understanding on the marketplace, but it’s always better to speak with a specialist before making that final decision. Call a trigger manufacturer in your region now to learn more on your AR trigger options.

Our trusted team at Timney Triggers is here to guide you in choosing an AR Trigger. To learn more, contact us today!

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