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Nov 1st 2021

75 years of building The World's Finest Triggers

To celebrate our 75 th anniversary of building The World's Finest Triggers, we wanted to share our journey through these last 75 years while highlighting the four founding triggers that got us to where we are today. We have changed the game over the last 5 decades adding replacement triggers for semiautomatic platforms, shotguns and this starting this year, handgun triggers. For 75-years this isn’t something we’ve been doing. It’s the only thing we’ve been doing. At Timney we are family owned, working together as a family where innovation and excellence are a requirement. We have spent 75-years perfecting that piece of steel that you rely when it comes to taking the shot and there is nothing better than knowing you are in complete control of your success. Don’t leave accuracy to chance and join us in celebrating building The World’s Finest Triggers after 75-years…. and to be honest, we’re just getting started.

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