Aug 23rd 2018 | Posted by Timney Tribe

Timney Triggers Featured on Mail Call Mondays

Mail Call Mondays is a YouTube series from 8541 Tactical that offers product reviews and answers viewer questions, all relating to the firearms industry. In a recent episode, Timney Triggers’ Calvin Elite was featured.

Host John McQuay raved about the Calvin after describing the undesirable setup of his current Ruger.

“We have a fully adjustable trigger in here,” he said. “We can put whatever type of shoe we want in here.” Though McQuay had yet to test the Calvin Elite in his own rifle, the trigger’s versatility was an immediate hit.

Based on the Calvin Elite’s stats, McQuay suggested the single-stage trigger would be perfect for the competition environment.

“I can’t wait to get this guy in,” he said. He also touted the trigger’s aluminum construction and the extended magazine release, which is great for a quick magazine change or to correct a malfunction.

He went on to share that he’d conduct a full test of the trigger to figure out which shoe was most compatible with his Ruger. He’d then report the results for his viewers.

Additionally, a large portion of episode #22 focused on the Vudoo Gun Works V22, a new long-range rifle that was released to great fanfare. The rifle sits on the worktable throughout the entire video and, in addition to its camo design, sports a Timney trigger. For those who are interested in the V22, they’ll also get a firsthand experience with our triggers.

To learn more about the Calvin Elite and view our full assortment, head here.

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