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The Benefits of Remington Replacement Triggers
Oct 14th 2017 | Posted by Timney Triggers

The Benefits of Remington Replacement Triggers

It’s important to learn more on the replacement triggers you choose regardless of the type of gun you own. Buying Remington replacement triggers is not always a simple process and delving more into the performance behind the piece can help you to understand its advantages. And so, in this latest post we’ll explore the benefits of the Remington replacement triggers.

New Carbon Nitride Coating

Working with Remington replacement triggers gives you the opportunity to work with products that feature a carbon nitride coating. Carbon nitride coating is the ideal option for trigger products as it supports durability in a range of conditions. For example, in damp conditions the carbon nitride coating supports exceptional durability against wear from moisture. The process mitigates degradation and ensures the pieces perform optimally for years to come.

Customized Feel and Trigger

The customization process is another clear benefit of working with the latest Remington replacement triggers. Whether you wish to customize the shoes or the trigger directly, you can choose Remington replacement triggers to find that ideal fit for your weapon. This means you no longer have handling difficulties in the field, and you can better maintain control of your weapon during use over time. Working with a trusted trigger replacement specialist can ensure the piece is machined precisely according to your specifications.

Lightweight Alloy Housing

Many of the new Remington replacement triggers also now feature lightweight alloy housing. This helps provide superior control over the weapon during general use. For those carrying their gun on a daily basis, the improved lightweight performance of the weapon’s housing helps limit issues with comfort and ensures the ideal storage option.

Block the Trigger, not the Sear

All of our Remington replacement triggers are fitted with a safety option. They’re designed to block the trigger and not the sear, assuring a superior level of safety compared with other trigger products. Blocking the trigger means that force against the lower portion of the weapon does not release the trigger, allowing for higher levels of gun safety in the home.

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