Remington Model 7 Adjustment Guide

Remington 700 Adjustment Guide


Sear Engagement

Sear Engagement is set at the Timney Factory and should not need to be adjusted. Verify rifle is unloaded. Cock the rifle. Engage the safety. Turn the Sear engagement screw clockwise using a .050 Allen Wrench until it stops; turn screw counter clockwise until safety moves easily from position to position but trigger will not move when safety is engaged.


With the trigger in the fired position turn the overtravel screw clockwise until it stops; turn the screw counter clockwise one 1/8 of a turn or one flat of the 5/64 Allen Wrench or until the desired follow through is achieved.

Pull Weight

Pull weight is increased by turning the screw clockwise and decreased by turning the screw counter clockwise. Using a 5/64 Allen Wrench turn the screw in or out until desired pull weight is achieved. Pull weight range is 1.5lbs. - 4lbs.